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alta software tiem vaccine covid 19

Alta Software employees are vaccinated against Covid-19

Nằm trong chiến dịch tiêm chủng lớn nhất từ trước tới nay tại TP.HCM, sáng ngày 21/6, toàn bộ nhân viên Công ty Alta Software được tiêm vaccine Covid-19 ...

Health check-up kiosk relieves the medical burden

A health check-up kiosk is a solution to overcrowding in hospitals by self-registration and self-checking of general indicators. ...

6 amazing benefits of kiosk self-diagnostic POD Vital

With POD Vital automatic health diagnostic kiosk, patients can self-register and measure basic health indicators It has many other amazing benefits ...

5 Premium features of Insight Access Control

Security equipment for businesses and organizations. In addition to the smart opening/closing feature, it has more capabilities than that. ...